Dandelion tattoo designs

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What is the first impression you usually get when you see someone with a tattoo? Some think of them as beautiful, some think of them as being cultish, and others see them as a symbol of something. With so many different points of view, only the ones who know its meaning will go on and have the awesome drawings tattooed on their body. However, the dandelion tattoo is known to be one of the beautiful tattoos and though it can be worn by men it is mostly worn by the women. For awhile now dandelion tattoos had been done with black ink but with the current dynamism, they can be done in almost any color one chooses. How more creative can that be? And what’s more awesome with it is it can be tattooed on almost any part of the body!

The Dandelion is a flower that is unique in its own way. Contrasts too many criticisms, the dandelion tattoo are one of the tattoos known by its positivity in meaning and many cultures have ended up adopting it. Its geometry stands out though it’s not as colorful as other flowers! It is known to represent happiness and youthfulness and even in their childhood, children usually blow it whenever they come across it and it gives them great joy.

The dandelion represents the beauty of life. This is shown as it blossoms and the white dandelion proudly rises above the weeds and grass but after awhile the beauty and geometry fades and it’s gone for good. It reminds one who wears it to enjoy every moment one has keeping in mind it will gone very soon.

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This tattoo, with is simple yet comprehensive nature symbolically represents the dreams that really come true. In this life when almost everything seems to be based on luck, we need to make wishes and keep hoping they come true. The dandelion tattoo in this case seems to play a role of helping or rather giving us a hope that everything will turn out right.

This may sound lame but believe me there are  people who are superstitious about the dandelion, believing that when a child finds a dandelion flower, she or he will grow up to exactly the size of that stalk for the following year. Others believe that the dandelion symbolizes good luck if it is added to the bouquet for the wedding and it is believed if you blow the dandelion and all the seeds fall off then you are definitely loved. Okay, I agree it sounds so lame! But they say all needed is faith for things to happen.

The dandelion tattoo however, is not lm end has shown its beauty when worn around and when keenly analyzed it displays its meaning also. It is believed the positioning of a tattoo can give its meaning. It takes the viewer and his perspective to have a second opinion to its meaning not considering the owner of the tattoo. Whether it’s on your arm, thigh, neck, under ear or on your wrist, you are the owner and apart from its beauty you can tell the meaning.